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Air Pollution Control

Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals which have a high vapor pressure at room temperature, typically found at high concentration in materials such as paints and coatings. Alloy foam-based VOC-systems with integrated heating can remove VOCs easily, economically and very efficiently.

Our VOC-system combines an ally foam element with a zeolite layer for oxidation of hydrocarbons with a heating mechanism to heat it. The heating mechanism warms up the alloy foam element by resistance or induction heating, with a regulation device maintaining the temperature of the alloy foam element at a preset level.

The system is easy to install, efficient and effective, cleaning the air and protecting the environment.

Photo catalytic effect with alloy foam
Alloy foam is coated with titanium dioxide nanoparticles and exposed to UV light.

The photo catalytic activity exploits titanium dioxide’s ability to create electron-hole pairs which generate free radicals (like hydroxyl radicals – OH). These free radicals oxidize organic contaminants, and split long organic compounds into short ones.

Long organic compounds such as fats are responsible for the invasive smells that reduce quality of life for millions in the world’s city centers and residential areas near food processing centers and restaurant kitchens. Odor removal products based on alloy foam installed in kitchen exhaust ducts offer a highly effective and efficient solution. Such systems can also be installed in offices, gyms and public transportation.

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