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What makes alloy foam unique?

Two things clearly differentiate alloy foam from any alternative material. Inherent characteristics which enable it to perform functions other materials can perform – but better; and a unique degree of adaptability, enabling it to be formulated in any number of ways, to deliver a specific profile of characteristics that precisely ‘maps onto’ any defined set of technical requirements.

We offer a wide range of foams, from:

  • Stiff to flexible
  • Small pore size to large
  • Thin layers to thick blocks

Our superalloy foams offer high performance in:

  • High temperature applications
  • Corrosive atmospheres

The high surface area of the foam and continuous redirection of gas flow through the foam microstructure maximize volumetric efficiency, reducing cost, weight and installation space.

And in every case, the virtually limitless adjustability of the alloying process enables us to create a unique chemical composition which provides a precise match between material and application.

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