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meet the challenges of the future

Better solutions, better future

Our world faces major challenges on many fronts, from the ever increasing demands of rapidly growing populations for food, water and other resources to the increasing despoliation of the natural environment. As great minds and businesses engage with these issues, we work constantly to seek and innovate ways alloy foam’s unique characteristics can play a part in developing solutions.

We have only scratched the surface. Yet even now, we can produce:

  • Gas cleaning and fluid distribution
  • Air pollution control – in smaller, lighter, more robust units, with high durability, low activation temp, and multi-functionality (filter + heater)
  • Combustion enhancers – economical to produce, effective in use
  • Mixing enhancers – smaller, lighter
  • Porous metal pads – offering good performance and high durability
  • Fuel cells and batteries – economical and effective
  • Air pollution control
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
    • Photo catalyst

As the world’s challenges continue to grow, Alantum alloy foam will continue to develop new solutions.

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