Catalyse a better future
     Alloy foam makes small reactors viable
and large ones
more productive

An adaptable technology

Our powder metallurgy process, using PU foam from leading manufacturers, assures a homogenous alloy composition delivering uniform mechanical and chemical stability, compatibility with the wash coat, and predictable pressure drop, with virtually limitless adaptability to meet any defined specification:

  • Micro: foam can be produced to meet any specification, by alloy composition, pore size, strut thickness and surface roughness
  • Meso: our powder-sintering technology can produce foam sheets or blocks to be cut & shaped into pellets, enabling easy substitution for ceramic, with lower pressure drop and greatly enhanced mass and heat transfer
  • Reactor-scale: flat or shaped, corrugated or rolled: foam sheets can be used to create forms of any shape or size, enabling tight fit to any fixed bed reactor vessel

Think alloy foam; think metal! Alloy foam exactly shares metal’s ability to be formulated, moulded, cut and shaped, in any configuration, to any specification.

See characteristics below:

  • Porosity > 80 - 95%
  • Pore size 450 - 3000µm
  • Density g/cm³ > 0.35
  • Thickness 1.6 - 6 mm
  • Alloys Inconel® type, Monel®, NiCrAl, NiFeAlCr, FeCrAl, stainless steel

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