Catalyse a better future
     Alloy foam makes small reactors viable
and large ones
more productive

A breakthrough technology

The technology of catalyst manufacturing has reached a plateau, with any further improvements likely to be incremental and small.

Alantum metal alloy foams offer a breakthrough. The flow mixing enabled by the large fluid-solid interface made possible by the foam micro-structure enables mass and heat transfer to be boosted not just marginally but by factors of ten or more.

The inherent properties of the material, with the right porosity at the micro scale and the right element shape and size at the meso, enables:

  • Uniform cell geometry and size
  • High surface area
  • High temperature resistance up to 1000 ÂșC
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Design flexibility
  • No blocked pores
  • High permeability
  • Catalytically coatable
  • Light weight (~ 90% air)
  • Mechanically durable
  • Electrically conductive

All of which ultimately enables far higher productivity, with compact design, energy efficiency, better heat management, reduced hot spots, longer life time, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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