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APOC – Adaptive Particulate Oxidation Catalyst

APOC is an open filter designed to trap and oxidize particulates resulting from diesel combustion.

Alantum APOC products deliver consistent particulate filter performance up to 75%, along with low back pressure, in compact, robust and durable units, at a competitive cost.

  • Designed for 350ppm sulfur fuel environments
  • Low – and fully controlled – back pressure saves fuel
  • Unique safety structure guarantees safe vehicle operation at all times
  • Alloy foam as a catalyst carrier significantly reduces platinum consumption

APOC: APOC-combined
iAPOC: APOC-integrated

APOC is suitable for many diesel powered vehicle after treatment applications, including on-road light-duty and medium-duty trucks, off-road and stationary, for both OEM and retrofit.

Contact Alantum Air Clean Technologies to learn more about how our solutions can be adapted to your needs.

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