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Emission control products for commercial vehicles

Depending on the emission norm, vehicle weight, engine size, emission control route and fuel quality, we offer OEMs and engine makers a range of options and product specifications to meet their needs, and deliver the optimal balance of engine performance, fuel economy and emission control.

Alantum covers the full spectrum of after-treatment products, including POC, DPF, SCRf and GPF, with unique porous morphology and super high surface area base alloy foam materials, which can be fine-tuned virtually without limit to meet any defined technical specification.

DPF with cooled EGR system is mostlyadopted for light duty and medium duty vehicle applications in virtue of its simple configuration and competitive cost compared with other alternatives such as SCR. Alantum DPF and Adaptive Particulate Oxidation Catalyst(APOC) provide stableoperation performance thanks totheir consistent filtration performance and fast regeneration,.

Many OEMs prefer the SCR route thanks to its inherent better fuel economy. But SCR demands a sophisticated synchronization of fuel injection and fluid dosing, combustion optimization and after-treatment system management. Our special SCRf offers all the benefits of an SCR system with added filtration, giving OEMs all the SCR advantages without the hassle. The bottom line is a system that does away with design restriction on engines, fuel injections, and engine controls, making meeting Euro IV and Euro V regulations easy for most Euro III-ready engines.

In short, compliance with all regulations equivalent to Euro IV & V as well as upcoming requirements for marine diesel engines is available virtually off-the-shelf.

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