Clean air – better life
      Bringing cleaner air to the world’s cities,
and out on the oceans.

An adaptable, high-performance technology

Alloy foam-based filtration delivers the performance the emerging world’s large commercial diesel engine manufacturers urgently need, with:

  • Open-porous morphology – an inherent filtering material
  • Excellent coatability and large surface area for excellent performance as a catalyst substrate
  • Good heat/electrical conductivity – for a wide operational temperature window
  • Sound attenuation – to reduce exhaust system noise
  • The ability to combine capabilities, enabling integrated total solutions with a price and performance offer superior to any standalone alternatives

In short, efficient and economical solutions those deliver safety, adaptability and high performance.

Guaranteed vehicle operation: our inbuilt safety device ensures reliable operation in even the harshest driving conditions (eg high sulfur fuel, low exhaust temperatures)

Designed and built to meet any requirements, in terms of fuel quality, exhaust temperatures, packing space and integration

Reliable performance, whatever the demands – constant, durable and maintenance-free

We work closely with our clients to develop and manufacture bespoke units, on any scale, that precisely meet their needs, at an economical rate.

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