Clean air – better life
      Bringing cleaner air to the world’s cities,
and out on the oceans.

Cleaner air, better life

The emerging world’s large commercial engine manufacturers urgently need emission control solutions that deliver reliable engine performance and fuel economy with full regulatory compliance.

With years of experience and worldwide applications, Alantum Clean Air Technologies brings together German material technology with Korean engineering and Chinese manufacturing know-how, to develop, engineer and manufacture a broad portfolio of exhaust treatment products.

As the world’s only manufacturer of alloy foam-based technology, Alantum can enable OEMs to safeguard their reputations, meet their clients’ needs, comply with all regulations, and protect their margins.

And what’s good for OEMs is also good for the planet: Alantum alloy foam is innovation in action, preventing pollution and improving our cities and the wider environment for future generations.

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