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GPF– Gasoline Particulate Filter

In virtue of higher fuel economy and better performance compared to conventional port fuel injection gasoline engines, application of gasoline direct injection engines especially equipped with turbo charger is regarded as the major trend for passenger car market.

The catalyzed GPF for simultaneous gas conversion and particle number reduction are being widely studied and developed in order to comply with stringent EU 6c particle number regulation for GDI engines

Newly developed alloy foam has advantages as the filter media of catalyzed GPF such as high thermal durability, high specific surface area for gas conversion, and 3D open pore structure for low pressure drop with high wash coat loading capacity.

  • Up to 80% adjustable filtration efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Faster heat-up at cold start
  • 30% less PGM in virtue of higher GSA
  • High thermal durability up to 1200 °C

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