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Battery/Fuel Cell

Supercapacitors can help greatly improve electromobility, by exploiting the voltage peaks resulting from acceleration and braking to extend battery and fuel cell life. Their ability to release and absorb energy more quickly than batteries means these ‘supercaps’ have a lower energy density.

Alloy foam can be used as a supercap current collector. In contrast to conventional methods, whereby carbon is applied to a film, the active materials molybdenum and vanadium-nitride are integrated into the foam, resulting in an energy density two to three times higher than that of the conventional carbon-based solution.

Ni-foam for nickel-metal hybrid batteries
Electrically conductive alloy foam is used in significant quantities as a cathode in nickel-metal hybrid (NiMH) batteries – state of the art in devices such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

Applying a coating of graphite or other powdered material suitable for energy storage to the open-pored structure in a special sintering process enables nickel- alloy foam to significantly increase energy density. The foam’s high performance allied with its ability to be produced to any specification and in virtually any shape optimizes the use of limited space.

Fuel Cell with metal foam
Fuel cells are no futuristic aspiration; they are already hard at work in numerous applications in the world around us. Alloy form’s structure, conductivity, and heat and corrosion resistance can help make them better, in three distinct ways:

  • As a gas diffusion layer in the stack – alloy foam enhances heat distribution, gas flow and electrical conductivity
  • As a substrate with catalytic coating in the reformer to produce H2
  • As a catalytic burner material with Pt or Pd coating, with the burner using the fuel cell exhaust gas to reheat the technical gases

The end result is a fuel cell that delivers higher energy conversion and lasts longer: good for the manufacturer, good for the end customer, good for the environment.

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